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If you’re a PHP developer then I’m sure you’d always be on a look out for the best tips on becoming a professional. It’s not very easy to master a specific field, you need to put in a lot of efforts for the same. Building a career in PHP development can turn to be a challenge if you aren’t aware of the basic things that you need to do as a PHP developer. This article of mine does exactly this for you. It makes you familiar with the 5 most important things which you must do in order to hone your career in PHP web development. I’m sure you’ll like the information and inculcate it during your usual PHP development activities.

To Do #1- Keeping yourself updated

If you’re working as a PHP developer then it becomes essential for you to update your knowledgebase regarding the latest versions of PHP. You should acquaint yourself with the added features available along with the recently launched versions of PHP development tools and techniques. You can go through excellent websites, which’re solely dedicated towards offering information pertaining to the latest trends available in the PHP web development platform.

To Do#2- Gathering expertise in using Composer (PHP’s dependency management tool)

As a PHP developer, it’s necessary for you to gather expertise in using Composer. You should study how this dependency management tool works, as this would allow you to develop new packages and/or update the existing ones to suit the ever-changing web development requirements. You should explore the usage of dependency management tools for a variety of frameworks.

To Do#3- Learning about Design Patterns

In order to develop good codes it’s important to gain an insight into the default structure solutions. If you’re able to gather information about the design patterns it becomes easy for you to improve the reusability of codes.

To Do#4- Choose a secure PHP framework

If you’re one of those PHP Programmers who’re concerned about the security and productivity then you need to choose a framework that respects your concerns. RubyOnRails is an excellent option for those who want to undertake PHP development with the usage of a simple syntax.

To Do#5- Include the usage of Micro Frameworks

As a PHP developer looking forward to an alluring career in PHP development, you can use a micro framework together with other frameworks’ components. Doing this would assist you during your API development ventures. You can use these micro frameworks as an API base that’ll turn to be very productive and simpler-to-use.


Choosing a PHP Outsourcing Company is easy but developing a feeling of trust that your project is being handled carefully is what requires time. While choosing a PHP developer for hire, you need to ensure that the one you intend to work with is 100% reliable. Every renowned PHP developer has to undertake a set of activities that’re crucial for ascertaining that the work delivered is up to the mark and in-line with the client’s expectations. I hope the details mentioned in this article would’ve helped you understand a lot about the working of a PHP developer and what all he/she needs to do in order to rule the world of PHP web development.

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